Which is the importance of “verified picks”?

Verified tips from tipsters

One of the directors of Inbetsment brings us an interesting article about Verified Picks:

We usually come across with words/sentences like "verified picks", "verified statistics", "verified tipsters" or even "this platform is no trustworthy at all because it has no verified tips/tipsters".

But: "what is “pick verification” and what it consist of?”, how can I know if a tipster is verified?, who guarantees that?"

We all know internet is full of people trying to be noticed as a Tipster. Among them, there are good-bad tipsters, and also more-less honest ones. This, leads to distrust the statistics these tipster show. It's like a guilt presumption.

So it appears the need to ensure that what tipsters state is true: picks verification.

But it's not easy to verify picks…

It is widely believed that platforms like Blogabet/Betrush have verified picks. What does this mean? And what is more important: is this true?

Verification is something like there is a guarantee, that a third party (who is neither the tipster nor the client) verifies that a pick was available at the time it was sent, and in addition, the resolution of the pick was in accordance with what happened in reality. So, when a player is interested in a Tipster and checks his statistics, there is a "seal" that guarantees that his stata are real.

But of course, we can pose the following questions: The verifications are done by someone without economic interest? Are these verifications automatically done? If it is automatic, it is a system without errors and instant refreshment? Who developed that system?

In my opinion, we need three features, if we want to consider a true verification proccess:

  • The verifier is a third-party, without economic interest in the player to sign a specific tipster.
  • Verification is done automatically by a system that confirms that a pick was sent accordingly to stated quotas.
  • Verification is done automatically by a system that confirms that a pick was correctly corrected.

Who is actually doing that?

In Blogabet, free tipsters correct themselves their picks: is that a good verification?

Many tipsters are not forecasting on Blogabet because their quota system has no refresh, and quotas are not updated accordingly to sports and/or bookies.

Perhaps in some sports and bookies a premium tipster from Blogabet fulfills two of the three requirements before mentioned but, is Blogabet a third party without economic interests? If we consider they take a % of the tipster turnover it seems that they have "economic interest"...

In Betrush, it turns out that webmasters correct bets manually, and many times they are wrong, so tipsters have to address them to be well corrected.

In other platforms, picks are corrected by tipsters themselves, even if you have an automatic quota system that checks that pick was available.

In many others, tipster manually sends picks without any prior checking and correct it the same way.

As you can see, it is difficult to find a platform or tipster that has real verified picks/stats.

In my opinion, verification has a great deal of invention, but it is also true that there are some platforms and tipsters that give more guarantees than others.

It is very difficult to be 100% sure that a platform is perfect, but just as there are people who falsify, there are very honest people in the forecasting scene. You can always follow some actions to check if a tipster is legit or not. You will never be completely sure, but in a high percentage you will:

1) If the tipster has many clients, these are usually the best pick/stats verifiers since they are constantly doing extreme vigilance on everything that concerns the Premium service. But, be aware of trolls/haters. You can always find some people who, for some reason, have something against a specialist and accuse and prejudge without any objective reason. It is necessary to filter what it is said according to the tone of the customer and take into consideration that, most of the times, happy clients won’t speak “that loud” as “unhappy ones”.

2) If the tipster you are considering hiring is on the same platform of another tipster you already follow, this could be a good indicator.

3) The platform has an automatic pick upload/correction system to minimize errors.

But, above all, the most important thing to do when you start following a tipster is betting small amount of money and check that everything is correct and working smoothly. As you gain confidence, raise the unit. It should not matter if you don’t have immediate benefits the first month, if the tipster is good, you will certainly recover on the following ones.