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Hello! InBetsment is celebrating this month the SECOND ANNIVERSARY! and, as it could not be otherwise, we wanted to celebrate it with all our customers. Our goal, from the first day, was to create a reference platform at national and international level, with the best tools for the b [...]


Will the tipster keep the yield of his betting tips?

2017-2018 season of Squash is coming soon and our betting expert, Nil, is ready to start with better results, if possible, than those which have made him a consecrated tipster so far. He has recently written an entry on his personal website in which he describes very well several of the issu [...]
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INTERVIEW with BetsFutAmateur - Football predictions

In this interview, this professional tipster reveals the secret of how he "cooks" his football predictions

• Who is BetsFutAmateur? BetsFutAmateur is made up of two people, aged 30 and 28 respectively. Both linked to the world of football for many years, and with several connections, thanks to our carreers as players in different categories of Spanish football.   • When and h [...]
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Our betting experts continue forecasting in summer

Enjoy our sports betting tips

See the information below about the activity of the services of our different tipsters for the months of June, July and August. If you have hired the service of a tipster that will be paused, do not worry, while it remain in standby your days of subscription will not be consumed. An example: i [...]
Cardiffenio: PRO Tipster

Cardiffenio: analysis of his latest results

The tipster exposes his vision about his recent streak

I never had to justify my way of betting before, and that was one of the things I liked the most about being a tipster: that freedom to earn money and being able to make money for others without having to give explanations, just based on the tips and numbers. However, my recent change of platform co [...]
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BetsGrowth, our tipster with the best yield at the moment, brings us this study of “spells”, where he exposes its vision, as an expert in statistics: I am going to dedicate these lines of the blog to express my opinion about the management of good and bad luck when betting.  I [...]
BetsFutAmateur Tipster Premium

BetsFutAmateur NEW season ahead!

Looking ahead to a new season beginning this upcoming weekend, BetsFutAmateur, specialized in Spanish Third Division market, has adopted the following measures to provide a top quality service: PRE-MATCH picks will have a major role this season. During Summer friendly matches we have checked t [...]


What is the secret of your job? The secret of my job is... Sorry but I cannot tell you this! Otherwise it would not be a secret anymore... Now being serious, I do not think there is a secret in particular, but several. The main secret is hard work, perseverance, responsibility... When I [...]
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We open a new section with interviews to our Premium Tipsters. On this occasion, we interview TobilloFino, one of our specialists in Tennis betting.   When and how did you start to bet? If you refer to the first time I bet, I was obviously aged 18, it was a world that attracted me a [...]