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How to Use a Tipster for Football Betting - The Best Tips

Get an Edge in the Sportsbook with Professional Tipsters

Sports betting on football can be a lucrative venture if done correctly. But it’s not always easy to get an edge over the bookies. This is where a tipster can come in handy. Tipsters are professionals who specialize in analyzing games and providing betting advice.  By following their a [...]

How to Find the Best Tipsters for Betting Tips Today

Tips to Find the Best Tipsters for Betting Tips Today

Are you looking for the best tipsters to help you find the best betting tips for today? You’re in luck, we have a lot! Moreover, with the right tips and strategies, you can easily find the best tipsters to get the best betting advice. When you’re looking for tipsters, it’s [...]

Cricket Betting Tips to Make Money and Improve Your Results

Cricket Betting Tips: Strategies to Maximize Your Winning Potential

Are you looking for the best betting tips for cricket? If so, you've come to the right place! This blog post will provide you with the latest cricket betting tips to help you maximize your chances of winning. We'll cover the basics of cricket betting and provide you with some insider tips to [...]
Summer 2021

Summer 2021: recovering lost time

The calendar is full of sport events and our tipsters, ready!

Summer is ready and the calendar of events is fully in the vast majority of sports and countries. Sport is recovering the lost time of the pandemic, for this reason the vast majority of our active tipsters expect a good number of picks in this period Visit our tipster list NOW and get your f [...]
Camaleon Vacaciones 2020

InBetsment summer is waiting us

Our tipsters plan for the summer

Summer is approaching in almost all the world, although the seasons have probably passed into the background given the atypical 2020 that we are experiencing due to COVID-19 pandemic. After two months in which the activity in InBetsment has been very reduced, June has started with the vast m [...]
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The consequences of COVID-19 in the activity of InBetsment tipsters

How the coronavirus pandemic affects our services

The health crisis that is being experienced worldwide by the Covid19 is a reality and sport is not apart from it. Consequently, the activity of most of our tipsters will be affected in the coming weeks. Some of our tipsters stop the services (and the subscriptions are paused), however  [...]

August in InBetsment... with news!

Activity in platform is returning to normal

Many of the tipsters, who had their service in break season, have already resumed or will resume their service in the coming weeks. They will make it coinciding with the start of the new 2019-2020 season in the different competitions. The next to do so will be SuperCards, cards tipster joined at [...]
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Summer is coming: all the information about the summer plans of our tipsters

We detail what will happen in each service in the next months

Summer and break seasons are coming. Some of the sports in which our specialists predict end the season soon. However, most of our tipsters will remain active in summer and their services work as usual. In this article you will find the planning of our best tipsters for the next months. If you [...]

Easter offers at InBetsment

Coinciding with Easter and the amazing run that many of our tipsters are going through, we will enable special prices in the services that are offering better results. The special prices will be available from Tuesday, 16th, until next Sunday, 21st. The offers are valid both for ne [...]
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Some of the most common strategies to make money with sports betting

Strengths and weaknesses of each of them

In this article we will describe the most common strategies currently used by players to earn money with sports betting. Place valuebets following profitable tipsters: It is, perhaps, the most popular. These are specialists who know and control very well certain sports, markets and / or competiti [...]
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Best tipsters in InBetsment during 2018

We make a overview about 2018 in InBetsment

In this article, we will make an overview of what the year 2018 has brought us, both in terms of the performance of our tipsters and in the improvements that we have incorporated into InBetsment throughout the year. Also, we will write few lines about what awaits us in 2019. BEST TIPSTERS [...]
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Christmas is here: OFFERS and NEWS

Take advantage of Christmas and buy/renew your tipsters with discounts

First of all, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. We hope you can enjoy this period next to your family and friends. From InBetsment we want this Christmas to be, if possible, a little more special, enabling special subscriptions in ALL our tipsters, with discounts that reach up to 50%. [...]
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BlackFriday in InBetsment: OFFERS AND TIPS

Tips to take advantage of our promotion

As we have been doing in recent years, we are also going to celebrate our particular Black Friday. From Thursday, day 22nd, at 8:00 p.m. and until 11:59 p.m., on Sunday, 25th, special subscriptions will be available for every tipster. In the following table you can see, for each service [...]
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Yield of a tipster. How is it calculated? How important is it?

Let's think about the following question: Who is better tipster? One that places 100 bets of € 20 and wins € 200 or one that places 50 bets of € 10 and wins € 20? Somebody may think that the best tipster is the one that has earned more money, therefore, the first. Bu [...]

Trixie bets, by TheManInTheKnow

Our horse racing tipster exposes the reasoning behind the trixie bet that multiplied the bet's value by 77

I often get asked about multiple bets (doubles, trebles, trixies etc.) and whether they are worth doing. The answer is always yes, they are worth doing as long as you can achieve something close to the advised price on each selection and you are prepared for the higher level of variance that comes [...]
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Would you compute push tips in the yield calculation?

In this article we are going to show all points of view about this topic.

Do you think it is fair to eliminate the push tips of a tipster when calculating the Yield? Is it an "artificial" way to raise the Yield? Would you discriminate depending on the kind of push (draw no bet, partially push bets, retired players, game suspension, non-participating horses [...]

How to assign Stakes to a Tipsters portfolio

Next we are going to expose, as we had promised in another previous article, a simple model to assign stakes to a portfolio of tipsters. The objective is not, far from it, to defend this model as unique and irrefutable, but to help the beginners in some way to manage their bankroll, so that they do [...]

Basic recommendations to follow a horse racing tipster

Basics for a good selection of a horse racing tipster and a correct management of his tips

In this article we will try to show the main considerations that must be taken into account to follow a horse tipster. They can be extended to any kind of tipster but we will focus on the specific characteristics of horse racing tipsters.   CHARACTERISTICS:   The main diffe [...]

Tips to choose the best betting expert

The selection of a forecaster should be done after a thorough analysis. Read this article and learn with us.

Below we will give some basic notions of the aspects that we believe that must be taken into account when choosing the best tipster for eachone. Before this, you have to answer some questions: what kind of professional do I need? What kind of professional do I want? Which is best suited to [...]