The new marketing system for units won has been recently launched and is in the testing phase only for the DoublesWin tipster. This system is intended to make the client pay his tipster only when this makes him earn money.

For this, the traditional subscription for 30 or 90 days to a tipster will be replaced by a subscription for units won. That is, when you access the profile of the tipster you will see that the service is sold in different packages of units, in this case 6 units and 18 units. When you sign up for a subscription, you start with your counter of units won to 0. You will have an active subscription until your tipster has won IN THEIR OFFICIAL STATS the number of units you have hired, later what the tipster takes to get them.

In this way, the subscription will be closed and it is considered expired when the contracted units are obtained. Our system will communicate it to the client with an email in the immediately following moment. There is no notice prior to expiration. The client must be aware of the evolution of his subscription and if he reaches the limit of contracted units, in case he wants to renew, do so before the service expires. He was able to see the status of his subscription "in  streaming" in "My profile"> "My Subscriptions", by clicking on the subscription in question.

Loyalty and multitipster discounts are cumulative only if you renew before your subscription expires.