A tipster is a sports bet specialist who recommends long-term profitable bets to his clients. A tipster combines his knowledge of a sport with quantitative methods.


The tipster is able to find games in which the odds are overpriced, that means, they are higher than they should be with respect to the probability of this event happening. A mathematical law (long-term probabilities) guarantees you long-term benefits betting this way.

A tipster usually specializes in a specific sport, category or even market. The tipsters combine for their analysis a deep knowledge of a certain sport with the use of quantitative methods.

In this video we explain the keys to how and why a tipster can achieve long-term profitability:

In the Internet, finding good free tipsters is possible. But to find just 1 of them, along the way you will stumble upon 99 people who call themselves tipsters and have just been lucky, are good marketers or may have even falsified their past statistics.

A professional tipster focuses his attention on certain competitions or sports. After studying them in-depth, he is capable of spotting inefficiencies in bookmaker's pricing models, and in consequence he can recommend specific bets to his customers.

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