In this section we will summarise the key concepts we think you should know to take full advantage of our services:



It is the amount of money allocated on betting investment. When initially determining this amount, we advise our customers to be cautious. This means you must determine your bank amount by taking into account the fact that if the whole amount is lost (it is virtually impossible), your quality of life will not be affected.



These are the bookmakers. We have lots of alternatives: Bet365, Sportium, William Hill, Bwin, & more.

When hiring any tipster from our website, we recommend reading their description section where you will find what bookies the tipster uses.



The bookmakers offer hundreds of daily betting opportunities. Within each of any sports event it is possible to bet on different scenarios. Each of this scenarios is called a "Market".

For example, in the "Nadal vs Djokovic" event, the bookies will offer the possibility to bet on 'Match Winner', 'Set Winner', 'Over / Under 7.5 games',' Will there be a tie-break in the set? Yes / No ', etc…


* Special Mention to ASIAN HANDICAPS:

The Asian Handicap is a betting method originated in Asia. It has specific rules but, in a general term, it tends to avoid imbalance between two teams through the assignment of an “advantage” to one of them. That advantage can be a goal advantage, if it refers to a football competition, game or set if it concerns to tennis events, so that odds are even. The Asian Handicap eliminates the draw option used in other formats.

Asian handicap is very similar to classic handicap but has special features:

    You can’t bet on a match draw

    There are ¼, ½ or ¾ handicaps

When calculating profit, the following features are taken into account:

If the result of the match is a draw, the bet amount is returned.

If the result of the match is a victory for one fourth of a goal, the gain or loss is divided by 2.


Valencia -0.5 @ 1.9 / Villarreal +0.5 @ 1.9

Let’s suppose in this case we bet on Valencia -0.5.

If Valencia win their game we will win the bet, while if Villarreal draw or win, we lose our bet.

Athletic Bilbao + 0.75 / Real Madrid -0.75

This is the most complex type of Asian handicap since it is mixed, ie it is the result of combining two pure Asian handicaps, in this case -0.5 & -1.

Let’s suppose we bet on Athletic Bilbao +0.75.

If Athletic Bilbao wins or draws the match we will win the whole bet. If Real Madrid wins by 1 goal, we only lose half of the bet and if Real Madrid wins by 2 or more goals difference we lose the whole of our bet.



For each market, bookmakers offer a return amount per euro bet, if the bet is a winner. That amount is set by the bookie, based on the likelihood that they estimate that an event may occur.



This is the name given to a sport betting specialist whom, with the knowledge gained from his career as a bettor, decides to publish his forecasts and advise their followers or customers where to bet, so they can get long-term benefits.



It is the recommendation of a forecast. That is, a bet that has been selected by the specialist after studying the event, and to which the customers are advised to bet on.



Each bettor has a different bank. We will never advise betting the same amount of money to a professional bettor than to a beginner. That is why the concept of ‘stake’ is introduced; a magnitude measured in units, that it subsequently converted into Euros/Pounds/Dollars by each bettor, always depending on their bank.

Typically, a user must set the value of a unit to be their bank divided by 100. Therefore, if your bank is € 1,000 the unit value should be set at 10 €.

So, if I get a forecast with stake = 2 units, you should bet € 20.

At InBetsment all tipsters set their stake between 1 and 5, using only whole numbers.

The stake is also often associated to the confidence that the specialist has on a pick, which makes sense, since the higher the confidence, the more units to be bet.

Stake management is one of the most difficult issues for a tipster, as statistical knowledge is likely to be required.

There are bettors who prefer, however, to bet always the same amount in all the forecasts. If that is your case, at InBetsment we give you the ability to view, for each tipster, their stake yield level; which is the yield that would have been obtained if a fixed amount has been used for all the picks.



It is a combination of two or more bets, or selections, that have the following characteristics:

     The total odds of the accumulator are calculated by multiplying the odds of its single bets.

     To win the accumulator bet each of the single bets needs to be won.

Is it better to bet on an accumulator or place several single bets? Click here to learn more .



The philosophy is to bet for a pick and to cover it immediately or, in other words, bet for one event and the opposite, in two different bookies. This typically happens when two bookies have different opinions about what will happen in an event. So whatever happens in the event, we have secured a profit.



There are usually two types of forecasts, according to the start time of an event:

- Pre-match forecast: these are the ones sent minutes / hours / days before an event occurs.

The pre-match forecasts usually have several advantages, but the most important one is that the odds are not affected by any happening of the event and, therefore, if the market has sufficient liquidity, it can be accessed comfortably.

- Live forecasts: those that are sent during the course of an event.

The advantage of live forecasts is that usually they have more liquidity, and there are specialists who are able to get high profitability in certain situations that occur in live events.