Talents League

Free Tipster Championship Where You Can Win Prizes Every 30 Days, And Qualify To Be A Professional Tipster


  • Participation is free. The only requirement to participate in the TALENTS League is to be registered in the portal.
  • Once registered, the participant may start uploading their forecasts.
  • Markets and odds will be in line with William Hill, with instant refresh, which guarantees odds and stats to be fully verified. Forecasts can be chosen from a wide variety of pre-match markets within each event available in the bookie.
  • InBetsment Stake: Participants will use the same stake scale than our Premium Tipsters: forecasts will have minimum of 1 unit and a maximum of 5, and the units will be whole number units.
  • Each participant will have their own profile within the competition, which will provide the following information: nickname, nationality and a description of their betting system and markets. Optionally they can add a profile picture.
  • The minimum number of picks to qualify for the monthly / quarterly / semiannual awards are:

- Monthly: A minimum of 30 picks

- Quarterly: A minimum of 90 picks

- Semiannual: A minimum of 180 picks

You can't repeat the same pick

  • Contestants will be awarded based on the following criteria:

- Units Won: These are the accumulated units won for forecasts given, measure in units. In other words, it is the net profit in units.

- Yield: this refers to the profitability for every 100 units bet by the tipster. It is calculated with the following formula: yield = (Units Won / Units Played) * 100

- Score: Evaluates the quality of the services of a Tipster. It evaluates many factors, including yield, accessibility of the forecast schedule, profit volatility and the statistical significance of the yield depending on the number of picks.

  • The prize structure is as follows:

1. Monthly Prizes*:

- Prize for most units won: 2000 points

- Prize for best yield: 3000 points

- Prize for best score: 4000 points

2. Quarterly Awards*:

- Prize for most units won: 3000 points

- Prize for best yield: 4500 points

- Prize for best score: 6000 points

3. TALENTS League Awards (every 6 months):

- Prizes for the 2 highest scores: 

3-month contract with InBetsment as Amateur Tipster! **

  • The maximum number of picks per user is 10 every two days.
  • The picks will be corrected by the users themselves, and supervised by InBetsment. In addition to the automatic scoring detection system, we have a supervisor who will check, on a daily basis, if the odds are fixed and done correctly. Similarly, anyone can report an erroneous result of another contestant. The remaining picks will not be shown publicly, only the scored ones, so you all will help indirectly to control the scoring. If an error on a score pick is detected, InBetsment will warn the contestant up to 2 times. If a contestant commits 3 errors on their scoring, they will be automatically removed from the game. Similarly, the user has to score their picks within 48 hours.
  • If a user has more than 3 unscored picks for 96 hours they will be automatically removed from the game. 
  • And finally, if a contestant copies picks from another contestant or InBetsment have evidence to believe it, the contestant will be automatically removed from the competition without the right to any prize.
  • These measures will ensure fair play and dynamism of competition.

    * To qualify for the monthly and quarterly prizes you must obtain a minimum of 10 units or a 10% yield.

    ** The amateur tipster will be offered as long as the yield is at least 15% and the score is 5 points.